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Libuseng Malephane

Senior advisory team
Libuseng is the national partner representative for Anglophone countries at Afrobarometer


Libuseng Malephane is an Electronics Engineer who qualified in 1984 at the University of Tasmania. She also holds a B.Com. from UNISA, PDM-HIV/AIDS Management in the workplace, Research methods from UCT in the Afrobarometer Summer Schools. She has also had training in Project Management and Public Relations. She established Advision Lesotho, a Project Management and Research Consultancy in 2004.

As the project manager, she has been involved in the Afrobarometer National Surveys from Round 5 in 2012 as both the project manager and national investigator.

Other areas of engagement are as a Board member of  Lesotho Millennium Development Agency (LMDA) which is a successor organisation of the Millennium Challenge Account – Lesotho where she served as a Board Member. As an ongoing Biblical Student, she is also a member of the Lesotho Bible Society and represented Lesotho as a contributor to the African Women Devotional Bible 2020.

Areas of interest