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Libuseng Malephane

National investigator
Libuseng Malephane is the national investigator for Lesotho.


Libuseng Malephane is an Electronics Engineer who qualified in 1984 at the University of Tasmania. She also holds a B.Com. from UNISA, PDM-HIV/AIDS Management in the workplace, Research methods from UCT in the Afrobarometer Summer Schools. She has also had training in Project Management and Public Relations. She established Advision Lesotho, a Project Management and Research Consultancy in 2004.

As the project manager, she has been involved in the Afrobarometer National Surveys from Round 5 in 2012 as both the project manager and national investigator.

Other areas of engagement are as a Board member of Lesotho Millennium Development Agency (LMDA) which is a successor organisation of the Millennium Challenge Account – Lesotho where she served as a Board Member. As an ongoing Biblical Student, she is also a member of the Lesotho Bible Society and represented Lesotho as a contributor to the African Women Devotional Bible 2020.

Areas of interest



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Policy paper
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