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We are grateful to our funding partners for their generosity, which has allowed us to produce high-quality data and analysis on the experiences and evaluations of ordinary Africans and make it freely available to the public

Our work is made possible by the generous support of our funding partners. Thank you for considering supporting our work. Your support enables us to continue conducting public opinion surveys that provide evidence-based data on citizen aspirations and concerns on governance, economic conditions, and other pressing issues. With your contribution, we can expand our country surveys, engage policy actors and build the capacity of the next generation of researchers on the continent. 

With your support, we are able to achieve these goals: 

  • Impactful Research: Our surveys provide valuable insights into the experiences, perspectives, evaluations and aspirations of African citizens, influencing policy decisions and fostering informed public debate 
  • Promoting Democracy: Your support contributes to strengthening democratic institutions and practices in Africa, fostering transparency and accountability. Evidence-based policy making: By donating, you enable evidence-based driven policy-making to pressing challenges such as poverty, climate change, inequality and corruption. 

For questions regarding the donation process, email Runyararo Munetsi at

Afrobarometer is ED certified

Afrobarometer’s Equivalency Determination certification is valid through 12/31/23.

Donate through the Friends of Afrobarometer fund at Myriad USA

for U.S.-based individual and corporate funders seeking tax-efficient giving, contributions can be made to the Friends of Afrobarometer fund at Myriad USA (a public charity within the meaning of sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) of the IRS, which are tax-deductible to the maximum allowed by U.S. tax law).

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Afrobarometer's impact

See our work in action.

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Institutionalising Afrobarometer in its third decade

As AB enters its third decade, we will continue to provide high-quality data and analysis that reflect the preferences and perspectives of ordinary Africans while pursuing ambitious new goals.

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Opportunities for support

Two principal ways to support Afrobarometer’s work are project funding and long-term flexible funding.

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