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Capacity building

Building research skills across Africa.

Capacity building is a key pillar of our work. In summer schools and analytic seminars, through training for legislators, journalists and university students, by mentoring our national partners, Afrobarometer is strengthening Africa’s capacities for data collection, analysis, and use – and nurturing the next generation of committed researchers.

Data for Governance Alliance

A project to promote data-based advocacy and engagement between pan-African civil society organisations (CSOs) and members of the African Union’s African Governance Platform (AGP).

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Afrobarometer summer schools

Afrobarometer's summer school program equips African scholars with solid skills in data collection and analysis. The curriculum focuses on research design, survey methodology, and analysis and use of public attitude data on democracy, corruption, taxpayer compliance, and other areas.

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Francophone Media and CSO training

The Afrobarometer team hosted media and CSO training. The course aimed at providing journalists and civil society actors with the tools and skills necessary to effectively analyse and interpret data on public attitudes.

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Anglophone West Africa Media and CSO training

From the 9th of May 2023, the Afrobarometer team kicked off a four-day workshop in Accra, Ghana, aimed at equipping civil society organisations (CSOs) and journalists with the necessary skills to use public attitude data effectively.

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