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Impact stories

When the people’s preferences inform policy.

The police pledge to do better in fighting corruption. An influential global index highlights public opinion data. A high court says the people are ready for change. In the halls of power, the voices of ordinary citizens are being heard.

What difference has Afrobarometer made?

By replacing stereotypes and generalisations with reliable data, our research has helped make public opinion a pillar of African democracy.

Perceptions and experiences of gender in Africa

How close are we to gender equality in African countries?

Citizens speak out about corruption in Africa

How often do Africans have to pay bribes for public services? Ordinary citizens share their experiences.

What Do Africans Think About the Continent’s Future?

The United States Institute of Peace hosts a look at Afrobarometer findings on trends and potential threats to peace and development in Africa.

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Indices that use our data

Key trackers of Africa’s progress use our data

The Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG)

The IIAG is a tool that measures and monitors governance performance in African countries.

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Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer

Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer for Africa was based on Afrobarometer Round 7 survey findings.

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