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From fundamental values to emerging issues, explore the breadth of African public opinion.

Democracy, freedom, and citizen engagement

Do Africans want democracy? Are they getting it? How free do they feel? How engaged are they as citizens? How well do their elections work?

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Economy, poverty, and development

A reality check on living conditions and progress toward the SDGs. What are Africans’ priorities for government action? Are they willing to pay taxes to achieve them?

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Sunset cityscape of oil rig in Lagos Island, Nigeria

Energy and infrastructure

On-the-ground reporting on access to water and sanitation, mobile phones, electricity that actually works, the Internet, and much more.

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Sand dunes in Algeria

Environment and climate

How is climate change affecting Africans’ lives? Do the benefits of natural resource extraction outweigh the costs? What role should government play?

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School children in Nigeria

Health, education, and social services

From ensuring child welfare to fighting COVID-19, how well are governments providing the services that citizens need?

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Cooling towers in Soweto used as a Bunjee jumping centre.

Identity, society, and gender

African societies from many perspectives: inclusion and tolerance, gender equality and gender-based violence, youth, media, religion, and more.

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People gathering in Nigeria

Institutions, leadership, and governance

How well are leaders and governments doing their jobs? Are they accountable? Are they corrupt? Do citizens trust them?

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Eastern Highland Tea Estate in Zimbabwe

Regional and global relations

Looking beyond their own borders, how do Africans see international trade, relations with China, regional integration, and migration?

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Woman in Sal Rei, Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Safety and security

Is the government controlling crime? How professional are the police? Are conflict and violent extremism affecting people’s lives?

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