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Mali’s 2012 crisis

Citizens describe economic and psychological impacts

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More in Dispatch 190.

Right to information

Zimbabweans affirm citizens’ right to government information, but skeptical about access

More in Dispatch 189.

Islam and democracy

Across five North African countries, most citizens see religion and politics as separate and compatible.

More in Dispatch 188.

Corruption in Nigeria

Public perceptions of corruption remain high despite praise for president’s anti-graft campaign.

More in Dispatch 187.

Mobs and party vigilantes in Ghana

Citizens overwhelmingly reject lawless violence, call for rule of law.

More in Dispatch 186.

Democracy decline in Mauritius

Popular trust in institutions, satisfaction with democracy drop.

More in Dispatch 185.

Parliament of Uganda. Photo by Nicolas Bamulanzeki, photo journalist at Observer weekly newspaper
Uganda’s democracy satisfaction gap

How delivery of electoral, political, and economic goods impacts support for democracy.

More in Policy Paper 44.

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Unemployment is the most important problem Africans want their governments to resolve


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