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Core partner for East Africa at Afrobarometer

Established in 1965, the Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi, is the oldest out of 20 such institutes in the world. It is the premier multi-disciplinary and multi-purpose development research institute in the Eastern and Southern Africa region. IDS carry out full-time research on high-priority areas of social-economic development in Kenya, Africa and the world in general.

IDS serves both as a core partner for the East African region as well as a national partner responsible for implementing the Kenya survey.

As a core partner, IDS provides overall direction and management to the project within the East African region. The institute takes primary responsibility for fundraising and for planning and coordinating programs of work on behalf of the network in the region.

As a national partner, IDS takes the lead in managing the Kenya survey and data management. The institute is also responsible for preparing and disseminating Afrobarometer media briefs, press releases, dispatches, and summaries of results. IDS plays a key role in Afrobarometer communications activities in Kenya.


Meet the team

Nairobi, Kenya