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CDD-Ghana is the Core partner in Francophone, North and West Africa and National partner in Ghana for Afrobarometer.

Founded in 1998, the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit research and advocacy institute. We are dedicated to promoting democracy, good governance and economic openness throughout Ghana and the African continent.

CDD-Ghana’s research is available to and used by governmental and non-governmental agencies, African regional bodies, development partners and the general public.

CDD-Ghana is the directorate for the Afrobarometer network. The organisation also houses the Afrobarometer Project Management Unit which is responsible for the administrative aspects of managing Afrobarometer’s activities.

CDD-Ghana is also an Afrobarometer core partner, overseeing Afrobarometer work in Nigeria, Cape Verde, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cameroon.

As the national partner for Ghana, CDD-Ghana conducts the Afrobarometer survey in Ghana.


Meet the team

Accra, Ghana