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Without health care in Africa

Even before COVID-19, more than half of all Africans experienced lack of needed medical care.

See Dispatch 352.

COVID-19 lockdown in Ghana

Citizens’ acceptance of security-related restrictions faces test with coronavirus stay-at-home directive.

More in Dispatch 351.

Gambia’s gains

Citizen engagement – enough to safeguard post-Jammeh freedoms?

More in Dispatch 348.

Freedom and security

Batswana see civil liberties as largely intact, split on possible trade-offs for public safety.

More in Dispatch 350.

Lived poverty on the rise

Reversing a decade-long trend of improving living standards, more Africans going without basic necessities.

More in Policy Paper 62.

Climate change

Few Moroccans see it as making life worse, feel empowered to fight it.

More in Dispatch 343.

No-Water Day?

African governments are failing in provision of water and sanitation, majority of citizens say.

More in our new Pan-Africa Profile.


Access to justice in Africa

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