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News release

Majority of Angolans doubt those defeated in upcoming election will accept the results, Afrobarometer survey shows

28 Apr 2022 Angola
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News release
Key findings
  • A majority (57%) of Angolans consider it “somewhat likely” or “very likely” that the results of the August general election will not be accepted by the losing party or candidate (Figure 1).
  • Three-fourths of Angolans say they “definitely will vote” (57%) or “probably will vote” (18%) in the upcoming general election (Figure 2). Residents of Huíla Province are particularly likely to express their intention to vote (83% probably/definitely, compared to 68% in Luanda Province).
  • Slightly more than half (53%) of Angolans say they think the election will be “completely free and fair” (31%) or “free and fair with minor problems” (22%). Fewer than half as many expect “major problems” (13%) or an election that is not free and fair at all (11%) (Figure 3).

A majority of Angolans say it’s likely that the losing side will not accept the results of the general election in August, according to a new Afrobarometer survey.

The upcoming election, the country’s fourth peacetime general election, is expected to be the most competitive since the inauguration of multiparty democracy in September 1992.

Three-fourths of survey respondents say they will “definitely” or “probably” vote in the August election, even though only a minority expect the election to be “completely free and fair.”