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South Africans still see high levels of corruption, fear retaliation if they report it. Read more
A igualdade de género está consagrada na Constituição de Moçambique e é promovida através da sua participação em convenções e tratados internacionais assim como no seu Código da Família de 2004, o qual requer igualdade na propriedade e legislação... Read more
Poor, uneducated Mozambicans less likely to see improvement in opportunities for women. Read more
AD290: Better but not good enough? How Africans see the delivery of public services
Africans see progress – though uneven – in government delivery of basic services. Read more
AD289: Namibians look to social movement to prompt government action on land reform
Access to land is a contentious issue in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, a legacy of colonialism and accompanying dispossession. Read more
AD288: In search of opportunity: Young and educated Africans most likely to consider moving abroad
By 2050, it is projected that one in every four humans will be African as the continent doubles its population, accounting for more than half of global population growth. Read more
Burkinabe see improving health care delivery, but gaps persist in serving the poor and some regions. Read more
AD286: Réformes et performances du système éducatif: Les Malgaches sont partagés
Three reforms of Madagascar’s education system receive a mixed public reception. Read more
AD285: Jobs loom large in Moroccans’ attitudes toward in- and out-migration
In and out of Morocco: Jobs loom large in citizens’ attitudes toward migration. Read more
Finding work, escaping poverty drive potential emigrants in Tanzania. Read more