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AD58: Day of Tolerance: ‘Neighbourliness’ a strength of Ghana’s diverse society

16 Nov 2015

Ghanaians express high levels of tolerance for people of different religions and ethnicities. Eight in every 10 survey respondents say they would “somewhat” or “strongly” like to have people of different religious faiths (80%) and people of different ethnicities (81%) as neighbours (Figure 1).

In addition, 14% would not care if their neighbours were of a different religion or ethnicity. Only one in 20 (5%) say they would “somewhat” or “strongly” dislike living near people of different religions or ethnicities.

Since the “like” and “wouldn’t care” responses are both indications of an absence of intolerance, in aggregate terms, overwhelming majorities Ghanaians accept people of different ethnicities (95%) and religious faiths (94%) as neighbours.