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Mamello Nkuebe

Mamello Nkuebe is the Field Manager at Advision


Mamello Nkuebe is a legal practitioner with post-graduate training in drafting and interpretation of legal and legislative drafting, knowledge of International law and skills in negotiations. More than 23 years of experience providing legal advice on a variety of legal issues, drafting, vetting and reviewing, legislation, policies, and agreements including, reviewing International Conventions, Protocols, Multilateral Agreements and other international instruments and civil litigation, of which the most recent was applied when reviewing (for the Government of Lesotho Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture)  a number of relevant Conventions, Treaties, Protocols and other Multilateral Agreements as a basis on which the development and harmonization of a number of the Ministry’s legislation were to be made. Associated with Advision Lesotho in relation to the development of HIV and AIDS Policies for Lesotho Correctional Service, Herdboys Community and People with Disabilities. She was also the lead consultant on the Review of the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Legal Frameworks for Disaster Management Authority.

A member in good standing of a Bahẚ’ἰ Religion which strongly advocates for the unity of mankind and gender equality among other issues. Themes addressed by Afrobarometer surveys are therefore of great interest to her.

As part of a dynamic Advision Lesotho Team (Afrobarometer’s Lesotho National Partner), she has been involved with Afrobarometer from Round 6 in 2014 to date during this Round 9. She attended Afrobarometer 2015 Summer School on Introduction to Survey Research and Social Statistics, Surveys and Research Design held at the University of Cape Town and the Summer School of November – December 2020 on Analytic Seminar on Media which was virtually conducted.

Areas of interest