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Even with increased access, long waits and poor service can undermine public approval. Read more
Les pays qui s’apprêtent à adopter cette réforme, devraient-ils s'attendre à des résultats fondamentalement différents? Read more
Do African citizens want real choices at the ballot box? And what do they see as the role of the opposition between elections? Read more
Fear of political violence, though real, is not the most important factor in the opposition’s declining fortunes. Read more
A dramatic dip in public trust in 2008 can be traced to perceptions of official corruption. Read more
Do Africans support the ICC’s efforts to fight impunity for those accused of gross human rights violations? Do they think the court is biased? Would they prefer a court led by the African Union? Kenya provides a case study. Read more
Burundians support women's rights in general, but not when it comes to land. Read more
If public services are available, why are citizens dissatisfied with the government's service delivery? Read more
Ghana’s efforts to explore and develop the country’s oil potential, spearheaded by the Ghana National Petroleum Company (GNPC), culminated in the 2007 discovery of oil in commercial quantities offshore at Cape Three Points in the Western region. Three... Read more