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Briefing paper

BP53: Public opinion and local government in Nigeria

Afrobarometer Briefing Paper No. 53
1 Dec 2008 Nigeria
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Nigeria is a federation of thirty-six States and the Federal Capital Territory. The federation consists of 774 local government areas. Local governments are intended to serve as the lowest tier of governance that will be most responsive to the needs of the people. Local governments in Nigeria are also expected to enhance political participation at the grassroots. Due to these expectations, there is persistent agitation for the creation of local governments by different groups across the country. However, it is pertinent to analyse the performance of the local government by finding answers to a range of questions. In particular, how well have the local governments performed their functions and satisfied the aspirations of the citizens? How corrupt are the elected local government officials?  How well are local government officials trusted by the public?  This Afrobarometer  Bulletin examines these issues.