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Association Avenir NEPAD Congo

National Partner

Association Avenir NEPAD Congo is the national partner in Congo-Brazzaville.

Created on the 30th of January 2004, in Brazzaville, the Association Avenir Nepad Congo works to protect the rights of vulnerable groups (women, girls, adolescents, sexual minorities and people living with chronic illnesses) and the promotion of governance and support for community development. In recent years, the organisation has carried out several community projects related to issues surrounding rights, sexual health and reproduction, psychological care for HIV-positive pregnant women, gender-based violence, human rights and governance.

The organisation’s main mission is to promote and protect human rights, through the establishment of the rule of law, citizenship education, social justice, good governance and respect for fundamental freedoms.

The NEPAD Congo Future Association has been a member with special consultative status of ECOSOC since June 2018. It benefits from the financial support of partners, such as Freedom House, AmplifyChange, the Fondation de France, the International Organization of the Francophonie, Urgent Action Fund-Africa and other development partners.

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