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News release

Namibians reject mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, Afrobarometer study shows

7 Feb 2022 Namibia

Despite growing calls for mandatory vaccinations against COVID-19, most Namibians believe that vaccinations should be voluntary, a recent Afrobarometer survey indicates.

Only about one in four Namibians would support a policy of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. And most Namibians do not support vaccinating children against COVID- 19.

Namibians are divided on mandatory vaccinations for special groups: More than half support requiring the vaccine for health and frail-care workers, but only minorities agree when it comes to teachers and employees of private companies. And most do not agree with restricting access to sports, cultural, musical, and other large social events to vaccinated people only.

Public opposition to mandatory vaccinations may limit the government’s politically plausible options for overcoming the country’s low COVID-19 vaccine uptake thus far.