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Policy paper

PP3: The partnership of free speech and good governance in Africa

Policy Paper No.3
Winnie Mitullah and Paul Kamau 3 Oct 2013
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Freedom of speech is not just valuable as a democratic end in itself.  It is strongly linked to popular perceptions of both media effectiveness and good governance, according to new data from Afrobarometer, collected during face-to-face interviews with 51,605 people in 34 countries during 2011-13 .  People who indicate they are free to say what they think also report higher levels of trust in their leaders, lower levels of corruption, and better government performance – especially greater success in fighting corruption.   Greater freedom of expression is also linked to mass media that are more effective in keeping a watchful eye on government.

Winnie Mitullah

Winnie is the core partner director for East Africa at Afrobarometer

Paul Kamau

Paul Kamau is an Associate Research Professor at the Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi, Kenya.