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Stephen Mwombela

National investigator
Stephen Mwombela is the co-national investigator for Tanzania.


Stephen Mwombela is a researcher with REPOA – Policy Research for Development (FKA Research on Poverty Alleviation). He has experience in Tanzania as well as abroad in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. This experience spans diverse subjects and disciplines including policy analysis, economics, politics/government, international relations, international development, public administration, education and telecommunication. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science (both cum laude) from the University of the District of Columbia and a Masters of Public and International Affairs with a concentration in Global Political Economy, Policy Analysis, and International Development from the University of Pittsburgh. His areas of interest include Policy Analysis, Governance, Development, Public Policy, International Affairs, and Political Economy. He is the co-national investigator for Afrobarometer in Tanzania.

Areas of interest