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REPOA is Afrobarometer’s national partner in Tanzania.

REPOA was established in 1994 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under the name of “Research on Poverty Alleviation Programme Limited” and registered as a company limited by Guarantee not having share capital. In October 2014 the name of the organisation was changed to REPOA Limited in order to reflect its broader mandate without losing the brand name already established.

Following The Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No.3) Act, 2019, which amended the NGO Act No 24 of 2002 and the Companies Act (CAP. 212), REPOA was re-registered in July 2019 as an NGO, subject to the provisions of the NGO Act No. 24 of 2002 and its subsequent amendments. The effects of these regulatory changes relate mainly to the mechanism of reporting and accountability to a different government authority, and the requirement for renewal of registration every ten years. The objectives of the organisation as stated in REPOA’s Constitution remain principally the same as before.


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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania