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CDG is the national partner for Burkina Faso

The Centre for the Democratic Governance of Burkina Faso (CDG) is a non-governmental organisation. We are non-profit, apolitical, and do not assumes any trade union, political or religious activity.

CDG, aims to promote democratic governance in Burkina Faso and in Africa through applied research, training, education and the facilitation of democratic dialog. Our fundamental mission is to promote democratic governance – the principles and processes of democracy as well as the institutions of good governance. Our core values are:

  • the objectivity, impartiality, freedom of opinion of our members
  • independence
  • inclusivity
  • dialogue-based participation




Address: Centre pour la Gouvernance Démocratique (CGD), Ouaga 2000, avenue Charles Bila Kaboré sis à Ouaga 2000, Burkina Faso

Tel: +226 50 37 50 47, +226 50 47 62 59, +226 76 67 32 32

Contact: Augustin Loada

Email: or