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News release

Zimbabweans divided over teacher incentives and ZIMSEC’s CALA projects, oppose online lessons

15 Jun 2022 Zimbabwe
News release
Key findings
  • Zimbabweans are divided on whether to ban the payment of monetary and non-monetary incentives to teachers for extra lessons: 51% favour a ban on such payments, while 46% oppose such a ban
  • Citizens are also divided over the introduction of continuous assessment and learning activities (CALA): Four in 10 (41%) oppose the projects, while 36% support them. About one in four (23%) have no opinion or say they “don’t know”
  • A majority (54%) of Zimbabweans oppose the use of online lessons, while 38% favour them

Zimbabweans are sharply divided over the payment of teacher incentives for extra lessons, with rural residents – but not their urban counterparts – favouring a ban on such payments, according to the latest Afrobarometer survey.

Views are also split on the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council’s proposal to introduce continuous assessment and learning activities (CALA) projects that students must complete for each subject and that contribute one-third of the final exam mark for Grade 7, Form 4, and Form 6 public examinations.

A majority of Zimbabweans oppose the continuation of online lessons, the survey shows. Online learning was implemented during extended school closures in 2020 due to COVID-19, and many schools have continued this method of instruction as a way of complementing face-to-face lessons to enable students to finish their syllabus on time in preparation for final examinations.