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News release

University of Malawi appointed as a survey support unit for Afrobarometer

21 Feb 2024
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News release

Afrobarometer is pleased to announce the appointment of the University of Malawi as a  survey support unit. 

Through this collaboration, the University of Malawi will support Afrobarometer in data  collection, analysis, and dissemination while fostering knowledge exchange and  collaboration among Afrobarometer’s partners.  

Established in 1965, the University of Malawi (UNIMA) is the leading public university in  Malawi. The Department of Politics and Government, which is part of the School of Law,  Politics and Government at UNIMA, will house the new support unit. UNIMA’s Centre for  Social Research (CSR) also serves as a national partner to Afrobarometer, responsible for  survey activities in Malawi.  

As a survey support unit, UNIMA will play a pivotal role in the development and review of  survey standards and manuals, ensuring the highest quality in Afrobarometer survey  research methodologies. The university will contribute intellectual leadership and  management services that will enhance Afrobarometer’s data management and related  activities. 

UNIMA Vice Chancellor Samson Sajidu said the establishment of the Afrobarometer survey  support unit marks an important milestone in recognising UNIMA’s contribution to survey  research in Malawi and across Africa.  

“Through this support unit, UNIMA will not only be at the forefront of pioneering innovations in  survey research, but it will further serve as an important hub for building research capacity  across the African continent,” he said. 

Boniface Dulani, Afrobarometer director of surveys, said the partnership holds particular  significance as Afrobarometer gears up for its Round 10 surveys.  

“The University of Malawi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table,” he  said. “Their involvement will significantly enhance the quality and impact of our surveys,  ultimately giving voice to African citizens and informing better policies across the  continent.” 

This collaboration aligns with Afrobarometer’s commitment to deepen understanding of African  perspectives, empower citizens, and foster meaningful progress across the continent. 

Other Afrobarometer support units are Michigan State University (United States) and the  University of Cape Town (South Africa).