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News release

Ugandans approve of government pandemic response but voice concerns about corruption, Afrobarometer survey shows

4 Jun 2021 Uganda

A new Afrobarometer survey in Uganda shows that a majority of citizens approve of the government’s management of the response to COVID-19, although many raise concerns about corruption.

More than three-quarters of Ugandans believe that at least some of the resources available for responding to the pandemic were lost due to corruption among government officials.

Only about half of citizens say they trust government statistics on COVID-19 cases and deaths.

A report by the Auditor General in March revealed significant mismanagement of COVID-19 funds. As of 3rd June 2021, Uganda has so far tested 1,125,306 samples for COVID-19, with 49,759 confirmed cases, 47,760 recoveries and 365 deaths.