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News release

Majority of Sudanese have heard of climate change, but few see negative impacts, Afrobarometer survey shows

13 May 2022 Sudan
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News release
Key findings
  • About six in 10 Sudanese (59%) say they have heard of climate change (Figure 1).
  • Awareness of climate change is higher among men (63%) and urban residents (64%) than among women (55%) and rural residents (57%). It increases with citizens’ level of education, ranging from just 36% of those with no formal schooling to 70% of those with post-secondary qualifications.
  • Awareness is particularly low among those with no formal education (36%).
  • Among citizens who have heard of climate change, more than half (54%) say it is making life in Sudan “somewhat worse” or “much worse.” But four in 10 (41%) say it is making life better (Figure 2).

A majority of Sudanese say they are aware of climate change, but only a minority say it is making life in the country worse, according to the latest Afrobarometer survey

About four in 10 Sudanese say they have not heard of climate change, and even among those who are familiar with the concept, fully half say climate change is making life better rather than worse.

Sudan is one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change. Increased drought, high rainfall variability, and depletion of water resources place heavy stress on the region’s rainfed agriculture and pastoralist systems, the dominant livelihoods in rural areas.