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News release

Climate change a priority for action in Sudan – among those who have heard of it

22 Dec 2023 Sudan
News release
Key findings
  • A slim majority (54%) of Sudanese say they have heard of climate change, a 5- percentage-point drop from 59% in 2021 (Figure 1). o Climate-change awareness is lower among the less educated in society (36%), rural residents (50%), citizens experiencing high lived poverty (46%), and women (46%) than among their demographic counterparts.
  • Among Sudanese who are aware of climate change: o Only four in 10 (41%) say it is making life in Sudan worse (Figure 3). o Two-thirds say that citizens can help limit climate change (68%) and that their government should take steps now to limit climate change, even if it is expensive, causes job losses, or takes a toll on the economy (68%) (Figure 4). o More respondents assign the primary responsibility for fighting climate change to the government (47%) and to ordinary citizens (18%) than to business and industry (13%) and developed countries (13%) (Figure 5). o Large majorities say greater efforts to fight climate change are needed from the government (81%), developed countries (79%), business and industry (75%), and citizens (60%).
  • Only about one in 10 citizens (11%) approve of the government’s performance to date in addressing climate change.

Most Sudanese who are familiar with climate change say greater efforts to counter the threat are needed from the government, developed countries, business and industry, and ordinary citizens, the most recent Afrobarometer survey shows.

But while support for urgent climate action is overwhelming among those who have heard of climate change, almost half of Sudanese adults say they are unfamiliar with the phenomenon. Climate-change awareness is particularly low among less educated citizens, rural residents, the poor, and women.

Most Sudanese familiar with climate change believe that citizens can help fight it and that the government must take action now, even if it is expensive.