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Africans’ durable demand for democracy

Published in the Journal of Democracy (Volume 32, Number 3, July 2021)


The “supply” of democracy in Africa is under threat not only from the covid-19 pandemic, but also from rising insurgencies in parts of the continent, the growing influence of China with its indifference to democratic governance, and the internal challenges facing some Western democracies. Much of Africa remains caught up in a struggle between leaders who would circumscribe democracy and retreat from democratic openings and individuals who lay themselves on the line to defend and extend them. Data from recent Afrobarometer surveys confirm that most ordinary Africans remain unflinching in their preference for democracy and core democratic norms and institutions.

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E. Gyimah-Boadi

Gyimah is the chairman of the board of directors at Afrobarometer

Carolyn Logan

Carolyn is the director of analysis and capacity building at Afrobarometer.

Josephine Appiah-Nyamekye Sanny

Josephine is Afrobarometer's acting director of communications.