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Keven Coopoomootoo

Keven Coopoomootoo is the Field Operations Manager at StraConsult.


With over a decade of project management experience in market research and technology, Keven has led numerous field research projects in the Indian Ocean Islands and Africa (Mauritius, Reunion Island, Seychelles, Mayotte, Madagascar, East Africa) in collaboration with reputable international companies. Keven has joined StraConsult as Field Operations Manager. He has also been instrumental in the implementation of new IT solutions for well-known companies in Africa and Asia. With a commitment to meeting clients’ research and project objectives while adhering to industry standards and best practices, Keven has successfully managed all aspects of the Field Department, including the recruitment, briefing, and monitoring of field staff. He has also overseen Quality Control and Assurance, and delivered regular progress reports to clients. As a liaison with clients, he ensures that all aspects pertaining to fieldwork are addressed. He is currently pursuing an MBA from Lincoln University on a part-time basis.

Areas of interest