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Tunisian youth rank unemployment and the economy as top problems, disapprove of government’s performance, Afrobarometer study shows

28 Jan 2021 Tunisia

Unemployment and management of the economy are the two most important problems that young Tunisians want their government to address, an Afrobarometer study shows.

Although most citizens disapprove of the government’s performance in handling economic issues, including creating jobs, the youth are more likely than their elders to rate the government poorly on indicators of economic performance.

The study also shows that Tunisian adults of all ages cite job creation as the top priority for additional government investment in youth development and that a large majority of citizens believe more attention should be paid to “fresh ideas from young people.”

A decade after the revolution that sparked democratic changes in Tunisia, the youth have hit the streets in a series of protests against poor economic conditions and unemployment, which have been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.