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Request for proposal: Design of Afrobarometer flagship report

9 Feb 2024
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The deadline for submission is 28 February 2024

Afrobarometer is seeking a service provider to assist in the design, content development, and production of digital and print versions of the organisation’s maiden Flagship Report on democracy, a website page featuring highlights of the Flagship Report, and a template for country scorecards, all to be completed by late June 2024.

Service providers responding to this RFP should have experience in marketing and/or public relations communications and in designing and creating high-quality publications and web pages with visual appeal and information graphics/data visualisation. They must be willing to work collaboratively with Afrobarometer to facilitate production and fine-tuning of the final product.

About Afrobarometer

Afrobarometer (AB) is a pan-African, non-partisan survey research network that provides reliable data on African experiences and evaluations of democracy, governance, and quality of life. Nine survey rounds in up to 42 countries have been completed since 1999. Round 9 surveys (2021/2023) cover 39 countries.

The AB secretariat is in Accra, Ghana. The organisation has three Core Partners in Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya that oversee 38 National Partners, who conduct AB surveys. Support Units at the University of Cape Town and Michigan State University provide data management and analysis expertise.

About the Afrobarometer Flagship Report on democracy

As part of events to mark Afrobarometer’s 25th anniversary, we are preparing a Flagship Report on Africa’s democratic development over the past 25 years. The report will draw on Afrobarometer data to analyse trends over this period at national and continent levels. The report will also touch on what we can expect of Africa’s democratic project in the short to medium term, based on trends over the past decade. At least half of the report will likely consist of data visualisation elements (charts/graphs and infographics), which the provider will be expected to execute based on Afrobarometer’s materials created in MS Excel.

The Flagship Report is a key output for Afrobarometer for the following reasons: 

  • It showcases our survey data and analysis on a core AB topic to governments, development partners, activists, and other democracy stakeholders throughout the world.
  • It launches an annual series of widely anticipated AB reports.

Key tasks

  • Design layout of the full report
  • Design data visualisation elements (charts/graphs and infographics)
  • Design template for country scorecards in English, French, and Portuguese
  • Populate report layout with content in English and French
  • Finalise full report based on AB feedback
  • Design page on AB’s website featuring key highlights of the report


  • Production timeline.
  • Initial draft design of the publication, to be finalised based on AB feedback.
  • Images/icons as needed to supplement those provided by AB.
  • Draft charts/graphs and infographics, to be finalised based on AB feedback.
  • Draft template design for country scorecards in English, French, and Portuguese, to be finalised based on AB feedback.
  • Initial draft of the publication with content, data, and photos for AB to review.
  • Amended documents with up to three rounds of reviews based on AB feedback. 
  • Completed documents in English and French in printable PDF booklet format.
  • Completed documents in English and French in digital PDF format.
  • Initial draft of web page featuring key highlights of the report, to be finalised based on AB feedback.
  • Completed and implemented web page featuring key highlights of the report.

Production timeline

  • AB to share draft content with designer by 31 March.
  • Mockup design of report submitted to AB by 19 April.
  • Final design completed, based on AB feedback, by 3 May.
  • Draft template for country scorecards submitted by designer by 10 May.
  • First English draft of report submitted by designer by 17 May.
  • Final template for country scorecards in English, French, and Portuguese submitted by designer by 24 May.
  • Revised English draft and first French draft of report received from designer by 31 May.
  • Final English and French versions of report approved, available in printable PDF format, by 10 June.
  • Web page completed and implemented by 17 June.

Application process

Interested service providers should submit an Expression of Interest indicating their relevant competence, evidence of creative work in publication design, two references, a proposed work plan, and a total estimated cost in USD by 28 February to