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Public views on Nigeria’s international relations

1 Sep 2015 Nigeria
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Findings from the Round 6 Afrobarometer survey in Nigeria in 2015.

Key findings

  • Six of 10 Nigerians say West Africans should be able to move freely across international borders in order to trade or work in other countries. But more than half say doing so is difficult.
  • Nigerians’ preferred model for development is the United States.
  • Two-thirds of Nigerians perceive China’s economic and political influence on Nigeria to be “very positive” or “somewhat positive.”
  • Two-thirds of Nigerians say they don’t receive remittances of money from friends or relatives living outside of the country.
  • When asked, “In your opinion, which of the following countries, if any, would be the best model for the future development of our country?” The results were as below:

Graph: Best model for development | Nigeria | 2014