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News release

Afrobarometer receives $400,000 grant from Luminate to amplify grass-roots’ voices using data-driven insights

10 Aug 2023
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News release

Afrobarometer, the world’s premier source of high-quality data and analysis on what Africans are thinking, is delighted to announce a partnership with Luminate, a global philanthropic organisation Committed to social impact and community development. This strategic partnership provides Afrobarometer with a two-year grant of $400,000 aimed at bolstering efforts to promote civic engagement and evidence-based advocacy in Africa.

The purpose of the grant is threefold: first is to enhance data collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities of grass-roots organisations, enabling them to advocate for change more effectively. Second, to deepen the understanding of youth perspectives from target African countries, beginning Kenya and Nigeria. Finally, to support efforts to improve the flow of credible and relevant information in the African media ecosystem through impactful partnerships with media houses.

Afrobarometer CEO Joseph Asunka said the Luminate grant will contribute to Afrobarometer’s mission of making citizen voice a key pillar in Africa policy and development decisions and fostering evidence-informed public policies.

“We are grateful for Luminate’s significant contribution to our work,” Asunka said. “This grant will enable us to continue our efforts to elevate citizen voice and foster constructive dialogues between African governments and their people.”

Afrobarometer recently completed its ninth round of surveys, interviewing more than 54,400 people in 39 African countries, and is currently preparing to launch Round 10 fieldwork.