Press releases

Unemployment, electricity top list of Nigerian citizens’ concerns Unemployment, a reliable supply of electricity, and poverty are the most important problems that Nigerians want their government to address, with crime/security following in fourth place, the latest Afrobarometer survey shows. Read more
Zambians oppose physical violence against women and children Findings from Afrobarometer Round 6 survey in Zambia. Read more
Zambians overwhelmingly oppose physical punishment An overwhelming majority of Zambian women and men disapprove of the use of physical force to discipline wives or children, Afrobarometer’s most recent survey has revealed. Read more
Large majority of Africans support term limits; leaders’ efforts to extend their tenure run contrary to citizens’ wishes Despite increasing attacks from African leaders seeking to extend their tenure, presidential term limits enjoy the solid backing of a large majority of African citizens, a new Afrobarometer analysis shows. Read more
Zimbabwe’s opposition distrusted, does not offer viable policy options Trust in political opposition parties in Zimbabwe is considerably low, with just over one third of the adult population asserting that they trust opposition political parties. This is according to the results of the most recent Afrobarometer public... Read more
Zimbabwe is going in the wrong direction; but whilst public approval of MPs and councillors’ performance tumbles, approval of President Mugabe’s leadership remains steady Despite most Zimbabweans expressing discontent with the overall direction of the country, in terms of its deteriorating economic performance as well as rising corruption, the majority still approve of President Robert Mugabe’s leadership performance. His... Read more
Les Ivoiriens sont toujours en attente de l’amélioration de leurs conditions de vie et d’emploi Résultats de la 6ème série d’Afrobaromètre en Cote d'Ivoire (2014). Read more
Les Ivoiriens sont extrêmement préoccupés par la question de l’emploi La majorité des Ivoiriens sont non seulement sans emploi (72%) et mais aussi jugent insatisfaite la performance du gouvernement dans la création d’emploi (65%), selon la plus récente enquête Afrobaromètre en Côte d’Ivoire. Read more
Les Ivoiriens apprécient les efforts du gouvernement et priorisent l’éducation et la santé pour des investissements additionnels D’après la plus récente enquête d’Afrobaromètre en Côte d’Ivoire, les Ivoiriens estiment que l’éducation et la santé devraient être considérées respectivement comme la première et la seconde des priorités d’investissement du gouvernement. Leur... Read more
Les conditions de vie des Ivoiriens demeurent préoccupantes et la marginalisation augmente en milieu rural D’après la plus récente enquête d’Afrobaromètre en Côte d’Ivoire, près de la moitié des Ivoiriens décrivent leurs conditions de vie comme étant mauvaises. Read more