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Data set

Special note about Ethiopia 2013 data

1 Jan 2013

As part of Afrobarometer’s Round 5 surveys in 35 African countries, its partner ABCON PLC Consulting House interviewed 2,400 adult Ethiopians in August 2013. Analysis of the collected data raised significant questions about the comparability of Ethiopia results with those from other surveyed countries, particularly with regard to attitudes toward democracy. These questions are laid out and explored in the working paper below (click ‘Download now’).

In light of these questions, Afrobarometer has not included Ethiopia results in multi-country analyses. We advise caution in any attempt to compare responses to democracy-related questions from Ethiopia with those from other African countries. Analysts are advised to use the Ethiopia data set only in a stand-alone setting or to limit their comparative analysis to items that are not focused on democracy.

Access to the Ethiopia data set is freely available to the public. To help us encourage informed use of this data set, we ask that you send your access request and any other inquiries to