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A key determinant of our future existence is that we continue to attract sufficient funding. We are pleased to have received generous core and project funding of U.S. $5.7m to enable us to undertake our current Round 9 (2021-2022) activities, but we still require U.S. $3.3m in 2022 to achieve our planned outcomes.

These funds are distributed in 2022 to core activities across all AB operations, including surveys, analysis, engagement and communications, capacity building, and the secretariat.

While core funding is held in our consolidated fund and is used for core activities, project funding is ring-fenced for specific actions. Examples of project funding include:

  • Collaboration in the provision of targeted data collection and analysis to inform the Ibrahim Index of African Governance.
  • Development of Africa’s youth in survey and analysis capacity.
  • Enhancement of AB’s phone and rapid-response surveys and insights.
  • Strengthening of AB’s strategic communications capabilities.
  • Direct collaboration with the World Bank African Chief Economists of Government in the provision of data and analysis.
  • Specific country-based surveys and associated dissemination of findings.
  • Strengthening of the working relationship between the African Governance Architecture and Africa-based CSOs.
  • Strategic partnerships with universities to encourage the uptake and use of AB findings.