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La dernière décennie au Togo est marquée par une amélioration des libertés politiques et civiles (Freedom House, 2018). Read more
7ème Tour de l’Afrobaromètre Enquête. Read more
Après une pause de plusieurs décennies dans le processus de décentralisation, le Togo reste dans l’espace de la Communauté Economique des États de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (CEDEAO) le seul pays où la décentralisation n’est pas encore effective et... Read more
‘Paradise is getting rocky’: Mauritians see climate change as threat to quality of life. Read more
Corruption rising, government failing: Zambians see corruption rising, government failing in anti-graft fight. Read more
AD212: Basotho favour multi-sector reforms as support for elections ebbs
Reform in Lesotho: Basotho want more power for the King, less politics by security forces, and return to a majoritarian electoral system. Read more
Islam in Mali: Citizens split on Islam’s role, but majority feel politicians use religion to rule. Read more
Feeding Malawi: Climate change, government management pose challenges in agriculture-dependent country. Read more
Summary of results for Namibia (2017) Read more
Basic services: Providing key public services remains a challenge for Namibia’s government. Read more