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AD350: Batswana see civil liberties as largely intact, split on possible trade-offs for security
As Davis and Silver (2004) pointed out in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States, civil liberties ordinarily taken for granted in a democracy may be called into question when extraordinary events place them in conflict with... Read more
No-Water Day? African governments are failing in provision of water and sanitation, majority of citizens say. Read more
Round 8 summary of results. Read more
Lived poverty on the rise: Reversing a decade-long trend of improving living standards, more Africans are going without basic necessities. Read more
Citizen engagement in Gambia – enough to safeguard post-Jammeh freedoms? Read more
Ghanaians cite high cost, bias, and long delays as barriers to using formal justice system. Read more
Sierra Leoneans say medical care is hard to access, beset by corruption – especially for the poor. Read more
AD345: Fear of political violence soars in Sierra Leone
Fear of political violence soars in Sierra Leone. Read more
After an unstable political history of autocratic rule, coups and counter-coups, and a destructive decade-long civil war, Sierra Leoneans want to live in a democracy with elections and multiparty competition, according to findings from the most recent... Read more
Climate change: Few Moroccans see it as making life worse, feel empowered to fight it. Read more