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Working paper

WP47: Democracy without democrats? Results from the 2003 Afrobarometer survey in Namibia

13 Apr 2015

Based on a national sample survey conducted in Namibia as part of Afrobarometer Round 2, this report finds that, even though democracy is yet to become consolidated at the attitudinal level, Namibia appears to be a "democracy without democrats." Among the key findings supporting this proposition are the following:

  1. Only a slight majority of Namibians have a clear preference for democracy. A substantial number of Namibian citizens are supportive of possible non-democratic alternatives, especially a single-party polity;
  2. The demand for democracy across the country is low. The supply of democracy is much higher than the demand suggesting that Namibians "get more than they ask for;"
  3. Trust in government and state agencies has declined since 1999.