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Policy paper

PP14: Women and democracy in Zimbabwe

Policy Paper 14
Tony Reeler 1 Oct 2014 Zimbabwe
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Women are mostly marginalised in African political processes, but they have one key area of equality with their menfolk, and that is in voting: The ballot does not discriminate, even if the results of the balloting frequently do not meet the expectations of the voter. Though not the democracy, elections are an important component of democracy, and even though studies indicate that African citizens have been losing faith in the value of elections, elections offer the only peaceful path for attaining and consolidating democracy (Moehler, 2005; Moehler and Lindberg, 2007; Logan and Cho, 2009; Logan, 2008a). But in the largely patriarchal societies that make up most African countries, do women have the same voice and level of participation as their menfolk?

Tony Reeler

Tony Reeler is a senior researcher at the Research and Advocacy Unit in Harare, Zimbabwe.