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Briefing paper

BP84: Green shoots of hope: Changing economic conditions in Zimbabwe

Afrobarometer Briefing Paper No. 84
2 Aug 2010 Zimbabwe
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For nearly a decade, Zimbabweans were in the throes of a multi-layered and multi-faceted crisis resulting in great material deprivations and mass despondency. By 2005 Zimbabwe had the fastest shrinking economy in the world and the purchasing power of the average Zimbabweans had fallen to levels last seen more than a half century before . But now there are signals of green shoots of recovery and Zimbabweans are beginning to exude hope. The mass citizenry appears to be clambering from the bottom of the abyss. This is part of the evidence from the latest Afrobarometer survey conducted in May 2009, three months after the formation of a coalition government in February 2009. A key finding is the positive impact of economic reforms introduced by the inclusive government which appear to have dramatically altered the economic conditions of the country and the personal living circumstances of its citizens. This Bulletin presents a selection of survey results on popular evaluations of economic conditions.