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Briefing paper

BP50: Economic conditions in Ghana in 2008

Afrobarometer Briefing Paper No. 50
2 Jun 2008 Ghana
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Ghana’s economy has remained quite robust since 2005, notwithstanding the energy crises of 2006 and hikes in the prices of petroleum products. Real GDP growth increased from about 5.8 percent in 2005 to 6.2 percent in 2006 and available information (based on September 2007 data) projects real GDP growth at 6.3 percent.

But what do ordinary Ghanaians think about the economy and their living conditions?  What do they have to say about government’s economic reform policies?  And what is their assessment of the performance of government in the overall management of the Ghanaian economy?  A fourth round Afrobarometer survey conducted in March 2008 provides public opinion data to respond to some of these questions.