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Briefing paper

BP49: How Ghanaians rate the performance of the NPP administration

Afrobarometer Briefing Paper No. 49
1 Jun 2008 Ghana
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Four rounds of Afrobarometer surveys have been conducted in Ghana since 1999.  Round 2 was conducted in 2002 when the administration of President John Kufuor and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had barely settled in office; Round 3 was conducted in 2005 when the government had recently renewed its electoral mandate. The current Round 4 survey (March 2008) coincides with the year in which the Kufuor-NPP administration is ending its second term in office and heading for the polls (in December 2008).  The findings of Afrobarometer Round 4 make it possible to ascertain popular assessments of the performance of the President and the NPP government in the nearly eight years it has been in office and to analyze the implications for the party in the impending electoral contest.