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Briefing paper

BP123: Governance and democracy attitudes in higher performing African countries

Afrobarometer Briefing Paper No. 123
1 Dec 2013
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Namibia is usually regarded as one of the best performing democracies in Africa.Using the Afrobarometer Round 5 survey, this paper compares public attitudes that are central to democratic life across high performing countries in Africa. Several important survey questions pertaining to the demand for democracy, the supply of democracy, and the citizens’ role in democratic life will help in the comparison of democratic attitudes. In addition to Namibia, other countries usually at the top of democracy ratings will be included in the comparison to judge the consolidation of democratic values. Small population democracies such as Mauritius, Cape Verde, and Botswana are the most comparable to Namibia, and the larger South Africa and Ghana are also included because of comparable democracy ratings.