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AD55: Zimbabweans support taxation but perceive tax officials as corrupt, demand accountability

Richman Kokera 1 Nov 2015

Most Zimbabweans believe that a good citizen in a democracy is obliged to pay taxes and that the government always has the right to make people pay taxes, Afrobarometer’s most recent survey shows.

At the same time, public perceptions of tax officials as corrupt are high, and a majority of citizens demand accountability for how taxpayers’ money is spent. While more than half of respondents support taxation in order for the country to develop, a substantial proportion challenge the government to find other revenue sources to support development.

Survey results also suggest that the government should address information gaps about the taxes and user fees that citizens have to pay.

Graph: Tolerance for non-payment of taxes | Zimbabwe | 2012-2014

Richman Kokera

Richman Kokera is research officer for MPOI.