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Youssef Meddeb

Network advisory council
Youssef is the national investigator for Tunisia and francophone national partner representative in the management team


Youssef Meddeb brings 15 years of experience in managing and conducting opinion polls across North Africa and the Middle East.

With an academic background in mathematics and statistics engineering from the ESSAI-Université de Carthage, he has previously worked for the Central Bank of Tunisia and for one of the leading surveys firms, where he grew from a junior data analyst to head the regional division for Market Research, Opinion Polls and Business Development. In 2014, Youssef oriented himself in entrepreneurship through the foundation of One to One for Research and Polling having with the purpose to make it a leading research firm in the region.

Youssef brings solid experience in managing research, fieldwork teams and client management for international development with a high standard level by focusing on face to face nationally representative random sample surveys, lab surveys and phone surveys in the region. He had the occasion to manage more than 300 projects in 15 different countries.

Youssef has large experience with main investigators of regional barometers in the region. He is the national investigator of Afrobarometer in Tunisia since 2013. He is also a member of the steering committee of the Arab Barometer and the North African investigator of the Arab Index. Youssef is one of the founders of Miqyes, an SME health barometer in Tunisia with UNDP and CONECT.

Youssef has closely co-managed different surveys with prestigious universities such as Princeton, Yale, Harvard, University of Gothenburg… on different social and political topics. He has also worked with several international institutions such as UNDP, UNICEF, European Union, World Bank and many other NGOs.

Youssef worked a lot on COVID-19 impact on Arab populations and helped voluntarily the Health Ministry with several surveys to advice in decision making.

Areas of interest