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Sunday Duntoye

Partner organisation staff
Sunday is the data manager for NOI Polls


Sunday is Head, Data Analytics/Senior Survey Methodologist at NOIPolls, responsible for research design tasks, survey methodologies, data processing, data mining/weighting, statistical data analyses, and reporting of findings, leading to significant insights and inferences to support decision making and satisfying clients’ research needs.

He graduated from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria with BSc and MSc in Statistics in 2005 and 2008 respectively. He has over 16 years of experience as a researcher, development and evaluation professional in various livelihood related studies and evaluation projects across various sectors such as agriculture, energy, health, economy, security, trade, governance, education, communication, and humanitarian, among others. His cross-sectoral experience makes him vast and current in the methods, approaches, and reporting patterns used for the various studies across the sectors.

In addition to his over 10 years of leadership and management experience, he is very sound in creating analytical systems and frameworks. He professionally recognizes potential trouble spots as well as areas of opportunities in an organization, very good in performance monitoring, evaluation, development of working strategies, and plans. He has a strong ability to identify needs for both qualitative and quantitative surveys in ensuring remarkable decision making. Over the years, he has been identified to be effective and unique in coaching, mentorship, knowledge transfer and teamwork. He has modern exposure to various data analytics software specifically for data capture, data processing, data analysis and presentation of survey results and findings.

Across the different sectors he has worked in, his key strengths are in desk reviews, survey methodology designs, fieldwork data quality checks, qualitative and quantitative data cleaning and analysis, presentation of results using appropriate tables and/or charts, analytical reporting and providing actionable recommendations based on findings.

Prior to joining NOIPolls in April 2013, he worked as an Independent Research and Data Analytics Consultant for 5 years on various social, health, economic and academic projects in work relationships with individuals, private, public and Non-governmental organizations and institutions. Thereafter, he worked with Market Research Consultancy (MRC) Limited, Lagos for more than 2 years as a Senior Statistician and Deputy Project Manager.

Sunday has worked on notable projects with renowned organizations such as WHO, World Bank, National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), GIZ, Coca-Cola Nigeria, Nigeria Breweries, Bill &

Melinda Gates Foundation, Centre for Democracy Development (CDD), German Embassy, MTN Nigeria, British Council, UKAID/USAID sponsored research projects amongst others.

Areas of interest