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Suhaylah Peeraullee

Suhaylah Peeraullee is the Head of Research and Consulting at StraConsult.


As the Head of Research and Consulting at StraConsult, Suhaylah leads the research endeavours of the company and has been responsible for the management of numerous projects in Mauritius and Africa, including survey design and management. She is the lead project manager for the Afrobarometer survey. She has co-authored articles using Afrobarometer data and participated in the Afrobarometer Thematic Seminar on Covid-19, well-being, and democratic governance, hosted by the Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa, University of Cape Town.

Prior to joining StraConsult, Suhaylah worked at Kantar as Research Analyst, where she led primary and secondary research projects to identify and derive insights and upcoming trends in numerous sectors. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Nottingham and her MBA in Global Business from the University of Coventry. She has completed the Public Policy Analysis program at the UNU-Merit university – Maastricht University.

She attended the Afrobarometer Summer School 2022 in Pretoria and was awarded the “Best application of statistical methods”.

Data-driven and analytical, Suhaylah aims to delve into public policy analysis and research, to guide data analysis through the lens of policy evaluation and monitoring so as communicate Afrobarometer data and analysis in a more targeted manner towards relevant stakeholders whilst aiming at creating a culture of public policy monitoring and impact evaluation in Mauritius.

Areas of interest