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Puleng Adams

National investigator
Puleng Adams is the co-national investigator for Lesotho.


Puleng Adams is part of the Advision Lesotho team, which is the current National Partner to Afrobarometrr. She was first engaged for the Round 6 back-translation of the Questionnaire, and also got that of Round 7.  She was later called in as National Investigator for Rounds 8 and 9. She attended the 2014 Afrobarometer Summer School and did a programme on the Introduction to Surveys Research and Social Statistics, Surveys and Research Designs.

As part of the responsibilities of a National Investigator, she has participated in sessions with stakeholders, that take place at the stage of developing the Questionnaire, development of the Country Specific questions, training of field workers, supervision of fieldwork, presentation of survey results, dissemination of the results at different fora, press releases and also dispatches.

Prior to her engagement as National Investigator, Puleng worked as a lecturer in the Department of Development Studies at the National University of Lesotho.  Before then she taught at the then National Teacher Training College in Lesotho. She has also taught Development Studies at the University of Fort Hate in South Africa.  She holds an MA in Development Studies.

Outside her work with Afrobarometer, Puleng is a member of two associations dealing with agriculture at a local level. She belongs to a Calvinist church which is the very first church to be established in Lesotho by King Moshoeshoe I in 1833 now called the Lesotho Evangelical Church of Southern Africa (LECSA).

Areas of interest