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Maxwell Odhiambo

National investigator
Maxwell Odhiambo is the co-national investigator for Mozambique.


Maxwell has over 21 years of experience in market and social research, and he has been with Ipsos since 2002. Maxwell has implemented field departments in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Somalia, Rwanda and Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Eswatini and managed over 1000 projects.

Maxwell has relocated to Mozambique in the beginning of 2012. Because of his dedication, commitment to quality and leadership skills, nowadays our field team is the best-evaluated in Pan-Africa according to our internal key performance field indicators (project data).

He has a vast experience in planning and managing fieldwork regarding recruitment, training, implementation, supervision, data processing and budget management.

Albeit being Kenyan, Maxwell has learnt to master the Portuguese and he is able to communicate and lead our field teams entirely in Portuguese.

Areas of interest