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Eldred V. Masunungure

National investigator
Eldred V. Masunungure is the national investigator for Zimbabwe.


Eldred V. Masunungure is the Director of the Harare-based Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) and has been the Principal Investigator of the Afrobarometer since 1999.

He is a Political Science and Public Administration graduate of the University of Zimbabwe and Dalhousie University (Canada) and teaches Public Policy and Political Theory courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels in the Department of Governance and Public Management (formerly Political and Administrative Studies) at the University of Zimbabwe. His current research interests include civil society and public policy, African elections, political transitions, governance, and related topics. He edited: Zimbabwe’s Trajectory: Stepping Forward or Sliding Back? (2020);  Defying the Winds of Change: Zimbabwe’s 2008 Elections (2009) and co-edited Zimbabwe: Mired in Transition (2012) and was a Guest Editor of the Journal of African Elections, Volume 13, No 2, October 2014, a special issue on the 2013 elections in Zimbabwe. His latest publication are “The Changing Role of Civil Society in Zimbabwe’s Democratic Processes: 2014 and Beyond”, 2015, “Detecting manipulation in authoritarian elections: Survey-based methods in Zimbabwe” (with Michael Bratton and Boniface Dulani) in Electoral Studies, 42, 2016, and “In Zimbabwe, Opposition and Uncommitted Voters Support Grand Coalition Idea”, Afrobarometer Dipatch, 2017. He is also widely published in other local and international journals.


Areas of interest